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Pennsylvania Securities Fraud Defense Lawyer

When unusual patterns of behavior by stock brokers, financial advisers, investment firms and financial institutions are noticed by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), an investigation into financial transactions and records is launched to uncover securities fraud.

The Law Offices of Arthur Thomas Donato, a Southeastern Pennsylvania criminal defense law firm, vigorously defends clients facing charges of securities fraud. The firm is dedicated to advising clients from the moment an investigation begins and protecting their rights as they comply with discovery requests.

A Comprehensive Approach To Securities Fraud Defense

With more than three decades of experience, white collar crime defense lawyer Arthur Thomas Donato has the proven ability to successfully defend clients in investment fraud cases involving:

  • Investment adviser misconduct
  • Misrepresentation to investors
  • Ponzi schemes
  • Pump and dump
  • Stock embezzlement
  • Insider trading

Arthur Thomas Donato works closely with clients to investigate allegations of securities fraud and construct a strong, effective defense to prosecution. His proactive approach and diligent work ethic enable him to get ahead of charges and craft a strategic defense that highlights the weaknesses in arguments of fraud.

Throughout the entire legal process, Arthur Thomas Donato provides clients with the personal attention they need to feel confident in their representation. He intentionally limits his caseload so that he can invest in each case and be accessible to clients for questions. His dedication to providing high-caliber advocacy with first-class service makes him a valuable asset in any investment fraud case.

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