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Embezzlement And Theft Defense Lawyer

An embezzlement conviction can have life-altering consequences, including severe fines, prison time, loss of a professional license and decreased future employment opportunities.

The Law Offices of Arthur Thomas Donato helps clients deal with these serious charges with an aggressive defense designed to protect their rights and minimize the negative impact on their life.

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What Are The Allegations Against You?

At its most basic level, embezzlement is theft. More specifically, embezzlement occurs when an individual or group entrusted with property for one purpose uses it for another purpose without the owner's consent. From one-time allegations involving a small quantity of assets to large-scale sophisticated, ongoing schemes, embezzlement can include misusing funds in many ways, including:

  • Unauthorized spending of funds from client accounts
  • Fraudulent altering of receipts or account information
  • Underreporting profits
  • Fraudulent billing from a false vendor account
  • Fraudulent payment of phantom employees

While this white collar crime is often associated with executives, embezzlement charges can be filed against anyone who handles cash, checks, money transfers or financial data. Bookkeepers, cashiers, employees or volunteers may also be accused of misappropriation of funds, skimming or theft from an employer, municipality, charity or nonprofit organization.

Building A Strategic Defense To Embezzlement Charges

Criminal defense lawyer Arthur Thomas Donato has more than 35 years of experience building strategic, effective defense strategies. He begins by conducting a thorough investigation and analysis of the situation, in order to achieve the most favorable result possible.

Large, complex embezzlement schemes are often extensively investigated before any charges are brought. Arthur Thomas Donato begins working with clients as soon as they suspect an investigation has begun, allowing him the best opportunity to protect clients' rights and craft a successful argument in their defense. His proactive approach has been instrumental in establishing his track record of success in these complex white collar cases.

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