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When A Professional Faces Charges

As a professional, you are used to dealing with high stress, and you know there is a lot at stake when you face criminal charges. Your reputation and maybe even your livelihood are on the line.

At the Law Offices of Arthur Thomas Donato, we focus much of our practice on defending corporate managers, doctors, and other highly accomplished professionals and business owners against a full range of criminal charges. With more than 35 years of experience as a defense attorney and a proven track record, Mr. Donato knows how to resolve these situations in ways that minimize the consequences to you and your career.

Call 484-441-6318 to arrange a confidential consultation. Based in Media, we serve clients throughout the Philadelphia area and across Southeastern Pennsylvania.

What Are You Accused Of?

Our defense practice is comprehensive in scope. We can help you push back against charges that include:

  • White collar crimes Government agencies often put major efforts into pursuing investigations of suspected fraud and other related offenses. We can help you respond.
  • Violent crimes Health care professionals who work directly with patients are increasingly at risk of allegations of sexual assault. Our law firm will protect your rights.
  • Other crimes — No matter what you are charged with the consequences for your career can be considerable. It's important to have a strong defense lawyer on your side.

Are You Concerned About Your License?

Professionals such as doctors, nurses and lawyers depend on their professional licenses for their livelihood. But if you are convicted of a criminal offense, you could lose your license.

Mr. Donato will work with you to protect your interests and pursue a favorable resolution to your situation.

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