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Protecting Your Rights During Grand Jury Proceedings

For many federal crimes, a grand jury is assembled to determine whether there is enough evidence for an indictment to be issued, charging a defendant with a criminal offense. The Law Offices of Arthur Thomas Donato, a Southeastern Pennsylvania criminal defense law firm, works closely with clients who suspect that they are under investigation, helping them obtain a strategic and tactical advantage in grand jury proceedings.

How Our Experience Can Benefit You

With more than 35 years of experience as a criminal defense attorney, Arthur Thomas Donato has the skill necessary to represent and advise clients on all aspects of a grand jury investigation. His proactive approach begins by conducting a parallel investigation to uncover evidence favorable to a client's case. He begins building a defense strategy in an effort to avoid indictment.

Arthur Thomas Donato is passionate about protecting the rights of his clients. Arthur Thomas Donato takes the time to explain the entire process to clients as well as their rights, so that they recognize the risks associated with investigation. He is accessible to his clients throughout the entire process, safeguarding their rights and reputation.

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