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Pennsylvania Lawyer Defending Public Officials

For many public officials, personal reputation is intrinsically linked to career success. When judges, members of Congress or senators are facing accusations of illegal conduct, their livelihoods may be on the line, in addition to the consequences they face if convicted. The Law Offices of Arthur Thomas Donato is a Southeastern Pennsylvania criminal defense firm with extensive experience defending public officials facing serious criminal charges.

Experienced Advocacy For Public Officials

With more than three decades of experience as a white collar crime defense lawyer, Arthur Thomas Donato has the proven ability to advocate successfully on behalf of public officials accused of a wide variety of criminal charges, including:

Many serious federal charges that public officials may face are brought through grand jury proceedings. Arthur Thomas Donato guides clients through these proceedings with straightforward, knowledgeable advice.

From the moment a client suspects an investigation has begun, Arthur Thomas Donato aggressively pursues a parallel investigation and starts constructing a defense strategy. This proactive approach enables him to present persuasive evidence to prevent charges from being filed and to more thoroughly prepare a strong defense that anticipates the arguments of the prosecution.

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To speak with an experienced Media, Pennsylvania, attorney defending public officials, contact the Law Offices of Arthur Thomas Donato at 484-441-6318 to arrange an initial consultation.