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What To Expect At Our First Meeting

If you are facing criminal charges, the first meeting with your defense attorney is critically important. In order to find ways to focus your defense, your attorney needs to start getting to know you right away, as well as the facts of your particular case.

At the Law Offices of Arthur Thomas Donato, you will find a proven defense attorney who is deeply committed to upholding the highest standards of criminal defense. This includes zealous advocacy that begins as soon as the very first meeting.

Call 484-441-6318 today to arrange your consultation. From our office in Media, we serve clients in the Philadelphia area and throughout Southeastern Pennsylvania.

What About Confidentiality?

Privacy is understandably a concern for many clients, and we are sensitive to that consideration. Keep in mind that the attorney-client privilege attaches to your meeting with Mr. Donato regardless of whether you retain our office.

The privilege also applies regardless of whether your company is paying our fees.

What Should You Bring?

If you have received a subpoena, bring that, along with documents that could be the subject of the investigation.

Mr. Donato will also ask you for information about your background. This includes items such as medical or psychological care you have received, medications you are on, prior military service and so on.

The purpose of this is for us to get to know you who are, so that we can defend you vigorously, no matter what the charges are.

Informing You About Procedures

We will cover numerous procedural matters in our first meeting so that you are informed about what to expect in the type of case you're involved in. In many cases, this will start with explaining what it means to be the subject of a grand jury proceeding.

If you are coming from a business setting, we can discuss guidance to be given to employees of a company under investigation regarding issues such as document retention and dealing with the media.

How Long Will The Meeting Take?

The duration of our first meeting will of course depend on the facts of your particular case. But it often takes several hours to discuss your case and determine what the next steps will be.

Think of this time as an investment in protecting your future.

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